5 Mistakes That New Bloggers Makes

Most of newbies starts blogging without much knowledge about it and that is why they makes lots of mistakes in the start. In the countries like ours there is no one to teach about right way of doing blogging to the youngsters. This is the reason that lots of people fails in blogging and leaves it too early despite having the talent.

Even I done lots of mistakes when I started the blogging and I am paying for those mistakes even now many years later. Its duty of all experienced bloggers to teach the newbies about what to do and what to avoid while doing blogging. There is lot of talent we just need to polish that talent properly.

In this post I am going to discuss 5 mistakes that most of new bloggers makes. They must avoid these mistakes if they really wants to be successful bloggers.

Copied Content: Most of new bloggers copies content from other sites and blogs. they think they don't need to write themselves and they can get success by simply copying content from other blogs to their blog. Well this is wrong. you can never be successful by copying content of other sites. you need to write your own original content if you really want to be successful. Search Engines Like Google are capable of catching copied content.

No Patience: Lots of new bloggers wants success to come very quickly and when they not see it in 2,3 months they becomes upset and leaves blogging. Well in blogging patience is really important to be successful. it may take more than a year to make a blog really successful. so keep patience and keep working with consistency. When you will continue to produce good content then nobody can stop you from being successful.

Hidden Text: Lots of new bloggers puts hidden text in their bloggers that consists keywords. they hope that they will get traffic by doing this. Well it will not bring traffic to your blog instead it will cause a penalty by Search engines. never use hidden text on your blog otherwise you will get penalized. For example if your blog background is white don't put white text anywhere.

Keyword Stuffing: Another mistake that new bloggers often makes is stuffing keywords into their blogs in hope to get high traffic through Search engines. instead of traffic they gets penalized for it as its against Google's quality guidelines.

Getting lots of links: Many new bloggers thinks that they need backlinks for their blogs no matter how and from which sites they come. its another mistake which they make. only relevant and quality backlinks will be useful for your blog. so avoid tries of getting lots of backlinks from everywhere. never buy backlinks. Google only likes relevant and natural links.

these where the 5 common mistakes which new bloggers often makes. if they will avoid these mistakes then it will be greatly helpful for them to become successful bloggers in the future.

In short don't consider blogging to be a easy game. If you want to be successful in blogging then do in professionally. get a .com domain. create quality content and do proper SEO of your site. avoid all the black hat SEO methods. Patience is also required to see fruits in blogging.
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