Meet Pakistani Bloggers

Are You a Blogger From Pakistan or any part of the world and you are looking to meet other bloggers like yourself to discuss different issues and ideas related to blogging? then the best place for this purpose is Group of Pakistani Probloggers on Facebook.

This Group has around 4000 Members including very experienced bloggers who are running really successful blogs like Syed Balkhi, Amir Atta, Ammar Ali, Syed Faizan Ali, Hamid Roshaan.

You can also join the group and can discuss anything related to blogging, Wordpress, Blogspot, Internet, Smartphones, Adsense etc. you will get immediate responses to your queries.

however avoid spamming in the group because Admins of the groups are really strict and they can ban you for spamming.

There are also some rules in the group like you can't promote your site, can't buy and sell Illegal stuff.

I don't there is any better place of Bloggers than Pakistani Probloggers Group. 
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