5 Merits of Blogger Over Wordpress

Not a single person on this planet would disagree that Blogger (Blogspot) and Wordpress are two of the best blogging platforms on the web and all other platforms comes after these two. We also know that most of experienced bloggers prefers to use wordpress over bloggers due to its several merits over blogger.

But it does not mean that Wordpress is better than Blogger in everything. Blogger has also got edge over wordpress in many things which I am going to mention one by one in my list below: I am not mentioning all the factors but only 5 of them.

So Here are the 5 Merits of Blogger Over Wordpress:

Setup: you can setup a blogger blog much easier in comparison with the wordpress. it will take just few minutes and your blogger blog will be ready for the posting. on other hand setting up wordpress is much more complicated. even a newbie who does not know much about blogging can setup a blogger blog easily by simply going to blogger.com and signing up.

Security: As we know Blogger is owned by Google and security of Google is almost unbreakable. Blogger is very secure and its almost impossible to hack a blogger blog. at least I never heard in my life about hacking of a blogspot blog. on other hand everyday we hear about hacking of blogs hosted on wordpress. its a huge advantage of blogger over WP. you don't need to keep a backup of your blogger blog because it can't get hacked. on other hand there are always fears of WP hacking so we need to keep backup of our blog.

Using Adsense: It is allowed to use Google Adsense on free blogger blogs however you can't use adsense on free wordpress blogs. If you want to use adsense on blogger blog that follows Google quality guidelines then you can do it easily. on other hand to use adsense on wordpress you will first have to buy a domain and hosting. Adsense is a advertising program that bloggers uses on their blogs to make money.

Hosting Cost: There is no hosting cost on Blogger no matter how much data you post. you get free hosting and a sub-domain. even if you use a .com custom domain you will not have to pay for hosting. on the other hand you will have to pay for hosting your blog on wordpress on yearly basis. some hosting plans are really costly. enjoy free hosting on blogger and make as much blogs as you want.

Indexing: it is often noticed that Google Search engine indexes new blogger blogs more quickly than new wordpress blogs. the more quickly you will get index the more soon you will start to get traffic to your blog.

These were five merits of the blogger over wordpress. you can choose any of these two platforms according to your choice and need. both are good but i always prefer blogger due to its simplicity.

Also remember that its quality content that will make you successful not Wordpress or Blogger. If you will write excellent content on regular basis on any of these platforms then you will get the fruit. 
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