Webmasters Sees Decrease In Traffic With New Google Image Search Design

Google Images is the largest resource of Photos on the Web. Google Images is also a Search Engine which Indexes Images uploaded on various websites. When people search for different Images It shows the relevant Image results that are found on various websites. Recently Google has done largest redesign of Its Image Search in history and rolled it out last week for the users. With the new design the users can see the images in better resolution within Google Images search website instead of going to the site where a image actually exists. With new design users are less likely to visit the site of a image.

After the launch of New Google Images design the webmasters are reporting a massive decrease in their traffic specially those webmasters who were having wallpapers sites or those who were getting lot of images traffic to their sites.

Even traffic of my websites is reduced massively. Some webmasters were also using a redirect code for redirection from Google Images to their sites. after the arrival of new design this redirect code has also stopped working.

Finding out the Causes of decrease in traffic:

So what is actually the cause that the new redesign has reduced the traffic of most of websites? well there are several reasons for this:

1 In new redesign the Images opens in full resolution even without going to the website where that Image is present. So Many visitors don't go to website and gets the Image by staying on Google Images site.

2 the second reason of reduction in websites Traffic is that many websites were using a redirect code which used to redirect visitors to the site from Google Images in old design. In new design that code is not working anymore.

These are the two major causes that the new Image Design of Google Images are reduced traffic of Websites.

Webmasters are protesting on different forums and Groups against the new images design and demanding Google to bring back the old design as new design is causing decrease in Traffic and revenues.

Here is a Screenshot of New Images Design:

The old design was something like this:

Comments of Some Bloggers About The New Google Image Search Design:

I am Cartoonist Blogger and after the arrival of New Image Search Design my website traffic has reduced almost 60%. I am really disappointed by this change.

Rahul: I am really disappointed as it has badly reduced my website traffic.

Ashley John: Google is eating all our traffic day by day. first by Panda and Penguin Updates and now this Image Redesign. my revenue is reducing day by day.

Andrew Strauss: It will only benefit Google no one else.

Samir Ahmed: Photo Bloggers like me are in deep trouble with this new design. Visitors not coming to my site as they are getting Image in full resolution on Google Images site.

Ahmed Butt: Google's aim is to make maximum profit by any way. they don't care if bloggers gets hurt by any of their act. they also made this change for their own benefit to keep people on their own site.

These were some of the comments of bloggers that I collected from social media sites. all these comments shows how disappointed bloggers are with the new Images design.

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