What Is Google Panda Update?

From Community of Webmasters and Bloggers you might have often heard this term "Google Panda Update" and would have imagined what Google has to do with a Panda? Actually Its not the Panda Animal.

Understanding The Panda

Well Google Panda Update is a change which Google Makes to its algorithm after every few weeks or months to improve its search quality by giving higher rankings to good quality sites that are having unique real content and lowering the rankings of bad quality websites that are having poor quality content like copied or scraped content.

Search Engine Google made first Panda Update back in February 2011 and until January 2013 more than 22 Panda updates are released by the Google. Every time Google makes a update the ranking of millions of sites changes in Google Search. some sites goes up while others goes down in Rankings.

Google Panda update has proved to be really useful to improve the quality of Google Search as it has indeed lowered the ranking of many bad quality websites. however some innocent websites are also hit by this update that is why Blogger community sees this update with suspicious eyes always. but Google has made improvements in Panda overtime so that only poor quality sites are effected by this update. More Improvements are still needed to be made.

Many Webmasters are Upset

Some Webmasters sees Panda as death specially those with poor sites while other enjoys it because their traffic increases after every Update. Many Bloggers are in deep trouble since the arrival of Google Panda update back in February 2011. I know some people who were making thousands of dollars each month in Pre Panda Time and now they are making few hundred dollars a month. Panda effected their sites so badly. Its also a fact that Panda is not 100% perfect and it also hurts many good quality sites sometimes.

After the arrival of this update it has became more difficult to get high traffic from Google specially if you are not having a site with genuine content. If you want traffic in the post panda world then create only good quality original content and avoid playing tricks with Google. stay away from spamming, copying and spun content. Clear your site from any type of poor quality content

Time for poor quality content, Scraping content, Spun content is over. Also provide good user experience on your site.

If you are hit by Google Panda update then the solution is removing, or rewriting the poor quality content. when you will do it then it will take sometime for you to recover. recovery will not take place Immediately. you may have to wait till Google makes next Panda update.

Dates When Some big Panda Updates Were Released:

25 February 2011

24 April 2012

18 September 2012

22 January 2013


Here are some new tips to save your site from Google Panda:

1. Keep the navigation of your website easy for the visitors. Don't create complicated navigation otherwise Panda can target you. 

2. There should be no errors like 404 on your website. Make your website clear of all errors. also try to end all the broken links. 

3. Don't write very short articles that are lacking enough Information. try to write big articles that contains all the necessary information on the topic.

4. Don't put too many ads on your website. its a fact that we all want to get paid by advertising on our sites but too many ads can hurt your site.