11 Security Tips For Your Computer and Internet

Security is always a concern and important thing when it comes to use your Computer and Internet. There are several steps that you need to take to keep your computer and Internet connection secure. not taking these steps can get your computer or Email address hacked or your computer can get effected by the viruses. Everyday thousands of computer, websites and networks gets hacked resulting in big losses for individuals and companies. Hackers are working 24/7 to get into systems of people and we need to take right steps to beat them.

So here are the steps that you must take for security of your computer and internet:

Anti Virus Software: Make sure to install a good Anti Virus software and keep on updating it time to time. there are many good Antiviruses that you can use like Norton and Avast. You can download any good Antivirus from Internet. i am using Avast on my Laptop and its working pretty well. when i visit a site having Virus then it blocks that site automatically. keep your Anti Virus up to date as well.

Wifi Router: use a good strong password for your Wifi Router so that unknown people can't access it. also keep on changing the password after some time. your Wifi password must be a strong one and not 123456 or something like it.

Emails: Be careful which checking the Emails sent to you. Don't click on the links in Email that are sent by unknown people. that can a be a trap to hack you. also stay away from the Scam Emails that claims you have won millions of dollars or pounds.

Shut Down: when your are not using your computer don't leave it open. Shut it down or at least sleep it. your computer can be in danger if it is left open while you are not using it. Some people leaves their Computers on all the time which can result in Hacking.

Internet Connection: you need not to leave your Internet connection open when you are not using it. close your Internet Modem when you are not on the internet. It will save your electricity, Bandwidth and will also protect your Internet security.

Password: Use strong password for your computer as well as Email address. also keep on changing these passwords time to time. never keep the passwords like 123456 or abcdef. otherwise you wil get hacked.

Scanning: do scanning of your compute often with Antivirus Software. it will catch if there are any viruses present in your computer and keep your system protected.

Websites: Don't open the websites that contains Malware and other viruses. opening them can be dangerous. also don't open the links that seems suspicious. Avast Antivirus is very good in this matter. it blocks a website from opening that contains virus Immediately.

Firewall: always keep Windows Firewall on in your computer. it is very important for security.

Open Wifi network: using open Wifi networks can also be dangerous so try to avoid using them.

Online friends: be careful while choosing your friends on Facebook and other social networks. never add a fake profile as friend.

By following these eleven security tips you will be very much saved from threats of hacking and viruses.
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