25 Best Islamic Apps For Android Phones

This post is specially for the Muslim visitors of my blog. In this post i will be sharing different useful Islamic Applications for Google's Mobile platform Android that is most popular Operating system of Mobiles mostly used in Samsung, HTC and LG Mobiles. You can download these Islamic apps for free on your phones and take advantage from them. Holy Month of Ramadan is also coming soon so these apps will be really Emaan boosting for you this Ramadan Inshallah.

These apps are of different types that will help you in different ways and boost your knowledge of Islam.

25 Islamic Android Apps:

Muslim Pro: its an App to find Prayer time. it also has feature of Adhan at the time of every prayer so that you don't miss any prayer.

Adhan Alarm: as the name suggests this App gives Alarm at time of Adhan to remind you to offer Salah.

The Quran: With this App you can read all Surahs of Holy Quran with the translation in English.

30 Duaas: This App contains 30 different Islamic Duas that are Authentic according to Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Islam in 3D: This app got Islamic wallpapers, Symbol and more awesome stuff for your smartphone.

Best Islam Wallpapers: This app got a new collection of Islamic wallpapers that you can use on your Mobile.

Islamic Stories For Muslims: On this app you can read 30 different Islamic stories like stories of Prophets.

99 Allah Names: you can download this app for listening and reading all the names of Allah SWT like Al Rehman, Al Raheem, Al Kareem.

Questions on Islam: Find different Islamic questions and their answers to increase your knowledge about Islam. Its an really interesting app.

Islam - 30 Facts: Find 30 interesting truths and facts about Islam in this application that will amaze you.

Islamic Ringtones: Get amazing Islamic ringtones for your Mobile Phone that will touch your heart and soul.

Hisn Almuslim Azkar: read different Islamic Azkar on this app and boost up your Emaan.

iQuran Lite: you can read Holy Quran with translation on this app. Its one of the most popular Islamic App in Android store.

Smart Compass: an interesting app to find direction of Kaaba no matter where you are in the world.

Islamic Names: - Find Beautiful Muslim baby names on this app for the Muslim Baby Girls and baby boys.

Islam prophet: Find out about the life of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him and his Seerah.

Islamic Calendar: Find all the Islamic dates like Date of Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Al Adha.

Peace Tv English: Watch Live Streaming of Islamic TV Channel Peace TV on this app. Peace TV is most watched Islamic TV Channel of the world.

Zain Al Islam: a interesting Islamic Android app for Kids. your Kid get addicted to it.

Sahih Muslim: Read Hadith Book Sahih Muslims in this App.

Daily Hadith: Get a Hadith alert everyday on  your phone.

Sahih Al Bukhari: Read Hadith Book Bukhari that is most Important Islamic book after Quran.

Near Mosques Finder: Find a Mosque near to your location.

MP3 Quran: Listen the Holy Quran In MP3 Format.

So these were 25 free Islamic apps that i wanted to share. download them on your Android Phones and take advantage from them.
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