5 Signs of a Successful Website / Blog

There are billions and counting websites and blogs online on the Internet but most of them fails to get any significant success in getting high web traffic. On other hand there are some websites which crosses all limits of success and gets traffic in millions almost daily. We also know that without Traffic a website has no Importance. Its same as a Museum with Visitors.
So why some websites becomes successful and why most of the sites fails to get any significant traffic? According to me there are 5 factors which makes a websites successful and those webmasters who don't keeps these factors in mind fails to get any huge success.

Following are these 5 factors:

Real Content: 

1st and most important factor that a successful website or blog contains is having real original content. the content that is not copied from anywhere, that is not spun and which is not rewritten. that content will be known as real content which you yourself has written using your own mind. This is the main factor if you want huge traffic on your site.

Lots of Content: 

These successful websites also contains lot of content and are updated on regular basis. sites with little content fails to get success. Search engines loves fresh content and sites that are having lots of content Ranks high usually. for this purpose big websites like Mashable, Huffington post hires many writers who continues to write articles day and night on these websites. If  you are not able to give enough time to your site then you can also hire writers for it.


Successful websites are having good SEO Search engine optimization. they gets natural quality relevant backlinks. check the backlinks of any big site like Mashable and you will be surprised that millions of sites are backlinking to them all these backlinks are relevant and high quality. when your site is good people themselves starts to link back to you. SEO is considered second most Important factor after content for success of a site. Successful sites also avoids Black Hat Methods of Search Engine Optimization.

Good Design and User Experience: 

another factor which makes a website successful is having a good design which makes visitors love that website. User experience of these websites is also excellent. pages are easily accessible for the users and they can navigate through really easily. So use a good theme on your site and provide good navigation on it. Checkout Theme and User experience of any famous site. you will find it awesome.

Social Media: 

We all know how important social media has become now on Internet. so successful websites owners also uses social media properly to promote their sites. for example most of successful websites have huge fan pages on Facebook. famous sites have presence on all the popular social media sites. It greatly helps in promoting your site and bringing traffic.

This Graph may also help you to understand the points i mentioned above:

So these are five factors which plays important role in success of any website or blog in today's online world. keep them in mind while running a site.
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