6 Mistakes I Made In First Year of My Blogging Career

We are humans beings and all of us make mistakes In our lives because we are not perfect. Bloggers also makes lots of mistakes specially at start of their career because there is no one to guide them. Most of people don't start the blogging with any proper training or course resulting in many mistakes early on.
I started blogging back in 2009 and in my first year of blogging I made lot of mistakes which hurt me later on in my blogging career. in fact i am still paying for the mistakes that i made during that one year. but there are mistakes from which we learn and move on so i have learnt from my mistakes and never repeated them.

I decided to write a post on these mistakes that i made in 1st year of my blogging career. so following were those mistakes:

Scraping Content: In first year of my blogging career I scraped content from other websites. I copied text of other sites. this thing proved to be hurtful for me later on. I also done scraping of other types of content like Images and Videos. so all the newbies out there who are in start of their blogging careers I would like to advice them to stay away from scarping content. Build your own content otherwise forget the success.

Hotlinking Images: the second mistake that I made was hotlinking the images of other sites on my blogs. I posted the images of other sites on my blogs directly by hotlinking. that was another big mistake made by me. I came to know later on that by Hotlinking Images we not only steal bandwidth of other sites but it can also hurt Search engine Ranking of our own site.

Spelling Mistakes: I made spelling mistakes in my articles and not cared to correct them before publishing the article online. My English was not very good in those those which was creating trouble for me to produce good content. While writing a blog post care about Spellings and Grammar that you are using.

Short Articles: the length of my articles was very short having less than even 200 words. you need to write at least 300, 400 words articles if you want to be successful. On famous blogs you will even find posts of 800 to 1000 words.

Free Domain: its always better that you use a .com custom domain instead of free blogspot domain when you are starting a blog. if you will do that after your free blog has become successful then this thing can hurt you later on. I also made mistake of using free domains instead of getting .com custom domains. using a custom domain and hosting on WP can also be a very good choice.

Keyword stuffing: I done keyword stuffing in hope of getting good traffic. i did not knew that Google is smart to find this out and penalize my blogs. avoid any Black HAT SEO method. don't try to play with Google because it will catch you.

These were 6 initial mistakes that I made while starting my blogging career. I would like all the newbies to avoid these mistakes if they want success. even if one newbie learns from these mistakes then it will be a big satisfaction for me.
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