Author Rank Will Be a Important Factor In Future SEO

We all know that how quickly Google is making changes to the Algorithm  system of Ranking the Websites in Google Search. Search engine optimization SEO still remains a important factor in Ranking of websites on Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. however direction of SEO keeps on changing little bit over time and it has changed very much in last couple of years due to arrival of Panda and Penguin.

We all know that popularly known ways of doing SEO of your site are getting relevant and natural backlinks by different ways like blog commenting, guest posting, forum posting and doing On Page Optimization. Good content is also very Important for SEO. but as I said above that direction of SEO is changing slowly. a new factor that will play an important role in future SEO is Author Rank.

Author Rank means reputation of a content writer in eyes of Google. In coming time Google may also include Author Rank as a factor for Ranking webpages. Author who will be having better reputation may get higher Ranking in Google for his articles while Authors with less reputation  may rank lower. till now Google ranks sites based on Content's quality and how it is optimized for search engines. but Author Rank means Ranking content based on this thing that who written it?

however some bloggers says that its also possible that Author Rank will never come into place. according to a famous blogger Brian Clark all that we are hearing about Author Rank is just Speculations till now and it is possible that Google may never make Author Rank a factor for Ranking sites. Google Webspam Team Head Matt Cutts also confirmed recently that Google Authorship is not yet a factor in Ranking the Sites.

On other hand some people presents Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt's quote from his book The New Digital Age in which he pointed out towards Ranking those sites higher that are tied with verified profile or Info of people.

So the situation is really confusing about the this Author Rank thing. but we should be ready for both cases even if Google gives Importance to Author Rank or not.

You can attach your content to a domain with your Google Plus profile and by doing this In Google Search results your Pic, Name and Link of Google Plus profile will appear that is known as Google Authorship.

You can find more information about Google Authorship here.

If you want to prepare for Author Rank in advance before its arrival then Claim Your Authorship through Google Authorship in Google Plus. Also Use Google Plus on regular basis. Most Importantly build good quality content.

It is a fact that SEO has kept on changing with time. it never stayed the same. In the past importance of Backlinks was very high but now this importance has reduced and importance of unique and good quality content has increased a lot in post Panda and Penguin world.

Content was and will remain the most important factor so always give most importance to producing good and unique content.

Also keep your eyes on changing factors in the World of Search engine optimization and keep changing your strategy according to that. 
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