Choosing Blogging As a Career

All of us take decisions about choosing a career after thinking a lot about it because it is really important for our future life. a wrong decision can destroy our whole future. we want a career from which we will make good money respect and most importantly satisfaction. we also want a career which will suit our nature and we don't have to work very hard in it. with the passage of time as the use of Internet has increased and blogging has become popular lot of people has started choosing blogging as a career for themselves.
There are millions of people around the world who are doing blogging as a profession. they write blogs from their homes on internet on various topics and makes money from it. its their full time Job which they are doing with freedom.

So how is it to choose blogging as career instead of doing a Job in a office or running a offline business by taking a building on rent and hiring people? Well like every profession Blogging also got lot of merits and demerits which i will be mentioning below. after reading these points you can decide yourself how blogging is as career and can you make it your profession or not?

Merits of Blogging:

1 In blogging you can make much more money than Job if you do it rightly. some people are earning millions of dollars just by blogging.

2 In blogging you not need to work on specific time. you can write whenever you are ready for it and you can take a leave when your mood is not of writing. no one will give you orders to work on a specific time.

3 You can do blogging from your home. you not need to make a office for it.

4 If your writing skills are good then blogging can be a great profession for you and in future you can also write books.

5 In Blogging you are the boss. you don't have to work under anyone.

6 For blogging you don't need any investment. you can start it without any money. a domain is available in just 8 dollars now a days and that is all you need to start blogging.

Demerits of Blogging:

There are several risk factors involved in choosing blogging as a career.

1 if your Blog gets penalized by Google then your blog will lose the traffic and revenue. penalties like Panda and Penguin can hit a site anytime.

2 When you do a Job or offline business you meet lot of new people and make friends. in blogging that is not possible because all the work is done online by sitting in your room.

3 There is lot of Competition in blogging and it will only increase more with time as there are thousands of new blogs getting created on every topic daily.

4 If your Google adsense account gets banned then you will lose a major source of your revenue from blogging. Google bans hundreds of accounts daily.

5 Blogging is not for everyone. only that person can do it who can spend many hours on computer daily. everyone also cannot become a good writer.

6 If you will become a professional blogger then most of people will not be able to understand what you actually do? because everyone don't knows what blogging is? you will get tired by telling the world again and again what actually your profession is?


So these were the merits and demerits of blogging. now its up to you to take the decision about choosing blogging as a career after reading these merits and demerits. If you can take risk and have passion for blogging then make it your profession. another option is that you can make blogging your part time job.
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