Facebook Now Gives Option of Embedding Videos

Sometime ago I written a post about how to embed any Facebook using a code because that time Facebook was not providing option of embedding videos by default unlike Youtube but the good news is that Facebook now lets you embed any video just like Youtube allows it.

Below every Video on Facebook you will find the option of Embed Video. by clicking that a HTML code will appear that you can embed in any webpage and the video will start to appear in that webpage.

Here you can see the Embed Video Option

On clicking the Embed Video the Embed HTML Code will appear like this that you have to copy:

however Facebook not allows option of changing the video size so you will have to change the size yourself from code.

This is how you can embed any Facebook video in a webpage.

these days Youtube is blocked  here in Pakistan so many Webmasters are using Facebook's Videos on their sites instead of Youtube as an good alternative.
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