Google Cracks Down On Blogger Blogs With Pirated Softwares

If you remember back in 2010 Google cracked down on Blogger blogs that where having illegal Music content and now at end of February 2013 it seems like that Google has taken on those Blogspot blogs that are sharing pirates Softwares or other illegal stuff.

Lot of bloggers are reporting from Sunday Morning that their blogspot blogs are removed by Google and they have also got Emails about it in their inbox. Hundreds of pirated blogs are removed till now now.

a Pakistani blogger Muhammad Niaz who was having a very popular blogspot blog of pirated softwares also reported that he has lost his blog.

The crack down is not just limited to Softwares but blogs with other pirates stuff are also targeted. Lets wait and see how huge this crack down will be?

In crack down of 2010 thousands of blogs where removed by Google for having illegal Music content.

so don't try to post illegal, pirated and any stuff on Blogger that is against the policies otherwise your blog will get removed sooner or later once it gets caught.

due to such activities those bloggers who are not doing anything wrong also gets in trouble sometimes. One example is Google adsense. in South Asian countries it has become really tough to get approved for adsense because people started misusing it.

Update: the guy Muhammad Niaz about whom i mentioned above is now shifted to Wordpress. his blog was removed from blogger for having pirated stuff.
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