Google Panda Update 25 Released 20th February 2013

According to discussions going on between Webmasters on different forums and Facebook Groups Google Panda Update 25 might have been released already on Wednesday 20th February 2013 because fluctuations in Rankings of lot of websites is noticed.
Google however has not yet made any official announcement about the update. Google makes announcement on Twitter when they rolls out a Panda Update or any other Algorithm change.

The last Google Panda update was released exactly 30 days ago from now on 22nd January so the chances are really high that Update No. 25 is already here or is about to come.

the first ever Google Panda Update was also made in month of February back in 2011 and in 2 years we have seen 24 updates which means 1 update on average every month. Google Panda updates are aimed at targeting the low quality websites having poor content and Raking higher the sites with quality content.

Are you seeing any change in your traffic? increase or decrease? then comment about it. my site has not seen any traffic change so far.

Update: Its confirmed now that Google Panda 25 is  released. the change which some webmasters noticed in their Rankings was indeed a Panda update by Google. Matt Cutts has made announcement about it on his Twitter Account.
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