How a Blogger Reacts When Someone Steals His Content

There are people in almost every field of life who likes doing theft of others hard work to become successful through short cut. they just can't work hard to build their own ideas and then implement them. some people steals others ideas, some steals others content. Similarly in the world of Internet theft is also everywhere.

People steals Content written by bloggers and post that content on their own sites in hope of getting web traffic. stealing copyrighted Pics, Videos and articles is very common. as the Internet is becoming larger this theft is also increasing day by day. however Web companies like Google are also taking different steps to counter content theft through DMCA actions and Algorithm penalties like Panda, penguin and Manual actions.

When a person who written a post after hard work of hours sees his content copied on another website he definitely hates it. Here is a funny image about how a Blogger Reacts When Someone Steals His Content and not even gives backlink as credit for his content.

If you also see your website content copied by another website without credit then you can file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint against that website. Here is the Link for this purpose:

If Google found your DMCA complaint genuine they will remove that content from their Search Results. if your copied content exists on a Blogger blog then choose blogger in options of above link. Google will remove that blog post from blogger. Similarly you can choose other services too like Youtube, Image Search, Picasa, Google Plus Etc.

Sometimes people also file wrong copyright complains while they don't own they content in actual. In such case if you think wrong copyright complaint is filed then you can file a counter copyright complaint. Google also provides option for that. Google will then look into the issue.

How To Check If Someone is Stealing Your Content?

This is a very important question because unless you will not found out that who is stealing your content  you will not be able to take any action against it. so first you need to find out about the culprit. for this purpose there are many tools that you can use such as:


to check for your content in Google just copy a line of your article and search it in if your content is copied by another site then Google will display it in the results. Copyscape is the most popular tool to check if your content is used by someone else. simply visit the site and enter your link and it will show you the results if someone else is using the same content as yours.

We bloggers must learnt to respect the copyright of others and should not steal content of other blogs. It will not benefit us in the long term. we can not only face a DMCA complaint but Google many also penalize us for duplicate content. If you want to use copyright content of someone else then take permission and give proper credit to real source. 
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