How To Send Reconsideration request To Google After Penalty

On Monday I written a post about various Google penalties that can be applied on your website by Google if you violated any of the Google Quality guidelines. If a Manual penalty is imposed on your website by Google then you need to send a Reconsideration request To Google After making the corrections to your website otherwise you will not able to get rid of this penalty and your site will continue to perform poor on Google Search Rankings for different Keywords. In Some cases Google may also completely remove your site from Search In a Manual Spam action.

Manual penalty is Usually imposed when you are scraping content, having lot of unnatural links or writing poor quality content.

If anyone from Google Webspam team seen your website doing any of these violations he/she will impose manual penalty on your site. With manual penalty you will lose ranking in Google and your website traffic will go down dramatically. In case of a serious violation your website will be completely De-Indexed.

You will also receive a message about it in your Google Webmasters tools account. the title of message will be something like "Quality Issues Found on your site". They issue for which your site is penalized will also be told in the message.

If you receive such a message find out the reason for which you have been manually penalized. Now correct that reason. If you was having scraped content on your site remove that content immediately. after that write some good quality content. if you are penalized for having unnatural links then remove all the unnatural links pointing to your site. also take help of Google disallow tool in Webmaster tools for this purpose.

After that you have to send Reconsideration request to Google by logging into your webmasters tools account.

Now choose the site for which you want to send request. also tick the box .

In the box below write the whole issue in detail and what changes you made to your site. now click the button Request reconsideration. try to tell the complete details about the changes you made.

It may take one to several weeks for you to get a reply from Google Webspam team. they will manually review your site and then take a decision about revoking the manual action.

Recently Google has sent millions of Manual Spam messages through Google Webmasters tools for Thin Content, Unnatural Links and other matters. so always try to follow Google's quality guidelines. never scrap content and never try to build unnatural links to your website.

Update: Google has now Introduced a separate option of Manual Spam action In Google Webmasters tools as you can see in the below screenshot. If a Manual Penalty will be Imposed on your site then you will be notified about the action through this new option. It also contains option of Request a review which is same thing as Reconsideration Request about which my this post was. Remember to make necessary changes on your site before requesting a review otherwise it will be denied.

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