How To Unblock Youtube?

World's largest video sharing website Youtube is still blocked in Pakistan from almost 5 months. It was blocked in Pakistan last year on 17th September 2012 by the Pakistan Peoples Party Government after a blasphemous video against our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH was uploaded on it. Many countries blocked the link of specific Video including Saudi Arabia, Iran and UAE but in Pakistan whole Youtube was blocked down by the PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and it is still block even after several months. Government officials says site will only be unblocked when filters will be made that can block the blasphemous videos.

Lot of people who needs Youtube for useful purposes like taking Educational lectures or making projects are facing huge difficulties. Youtube has millions of educational Vidoes on every topic. So for such people there is a way to unblock Youtube in Pakistan. To Unblock Youtube you need to download and install a proxy software like Hotspot Shield or Ultra Surf that are available for free and are also small in size.

I prefer to use Hotspot Shield because with it Youtube works quickly. I also tried Ultra Surf but it didn't satisfied me much.

After turning on these proxy Softwares you will be able to use Youtube in normal way just like it was before the ban.

the only demerit of these proxies I found is that lot of annoying ads also keeps on appearing when we surf the web with them. but the good thing is that we can surf the Youtube by turning them on.

Many users in Pakistan are also reporting that they are also able to access Youtube with the help of https:// without using any proxy softwares. so you can also try that before installing any proxy.

a Pakistani Youngster has also developed a website where you can see all the Youtube Videos without even going to Youtube site actually. it also not requires any proxy as well. so you can try this site as well.

Another good news is that Youtube may also get unblocked in Pakistan soon because PTA is working on a filter software. once this software will be installed then Youtube will be reopened in the country. some media reports also claims that Nawaz Sharif Govt will open the site after Eid Ul Fitr. IT Minister Anusha Rehman will also talk to media soon on this issue and hopefully she will give a good news.

Update: IT Minister Anusha Rehman has now officially announced that PTA has made filters to block the blasphemous content on Youtube after which there is no hurdle left in reopening the site in the country. She was talking In Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath Show on Geo TV. So we can hope that in next few days we will be able to access Youtube in Pakistan. Rumors about reopening of site also came many times in the past but this time IT Minister has herself made the announcement which means this is not just a rumor.
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