Learn How To Make a Website For Free

With growing use of Internet the importance of Websites and Blogs has also increased very much overtime. Businesses are launching their own websites to promote themselves while common people are making their own personal websites to tell the world about themselves. In short having a website now is really becoming a common thing. Some people are also using websites and blogs to earn money. others has made blogging their profession by building successful blogs.

There are different types of websites that you can build.

Free Vs Paid Site

Either You can make your own website for free and if you want a professional website then you will have to pay a little amount for it.  if you want to get a free website that will be on a sub-domain for example xyz.blogspot.com or xyz.zoomshare.com. but if you are willing to pay a little amount around $10 a year then you will be able to setup your own website on a custom domain for example  xyz.com.

Setting a website for free is really easy. you just  need to go to any free website proving company's website like zoomshare.com or webs.com. if you want to setup a blog for free then you can go to blogger.com or wordpress.org.

Make a account on any of these website by choosing a good site name and your website will be ready for posting.

however I will not recommend free website because free sites are on sub-domains and there are many demerits of having a Sub-domain site. I will recommend setting up a website on .com custom domain that only costs around $10 a year. you can get your own domain name from godaddy.com or any other good domain providing site.

If you are looking to start a website for professional purposes then you should buy a .com domain and use wordpress with it. If you want to start a site just for hobby then its fine to create a free blog on blogspot or on other free websites services like Zoomshare and Webs.com.

For creating a .com custom doamin website on Wordpress you will also need to buy hosting that is available in different packages according to need of people. however hosting is also not much expensive just like domain. to setup a .com site on blogger you don't need to buy hosting because blogger provides free hosting even for .com sites. for those who don't know blogger/blogspot is actually owned by Google.

To setup a a blog on blogger just make a gmail account and go to blogger.com and fill this form:

Your Blog will be ready and you can start posting.

To Make a website for free at Webs.com you will have to take the following steps that i am going to mention:

In Step 2 choose a title and category for your site. choosing a right title is very Important as it greatly helps to bring Web traffic from search engines.

In Step 3 Choose a Template For Your site. Choose a good template with great user experience and navigation.

and now click Create my website button. Your free website will now get created.

These were some options that you can choose for starting your own blog or website.
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