Make Your Own Blog In 5 Minutes For Free

Blog is a modern diary that a person writes on the Internet through a blogging platform. world can read your blog and can do comment on that. the art of writing a blog is called blogging. Some people do blogging simply to share their views while some also do professional blogging to earn money. Blogging is not just writing but you can also do Photo blogging or Video blogging. blogging has taken shape of a big Industry in last few years. People are making huge Incomes by blogging and making it their profession. Many youngsters of poor and lower middle class families are are coming towards this profession because it does not require any Investment. what it requires is only the hard work and passion and then you can make huge incomes.

Making a blog now a days is really simple and free. You can setup a blog in just 5 minutes. In this post i will be guiding you how you can create your own blog in just 5 minutes. 

There are different platforms on which you can create a blog. my favourite is Blogspot that is owned by Google. i like blogspot because its simple and secure. so i will be telling you how to create a blog on blogspot for free.

So here are 7 steps of creating a blog for free on blogspot:

1 First you need to have a Email address on gmail to create a blog on blogspot. so if you don't have a gmail account then create one by going to

2 now go to or

3 now click "create a blogger profile".

4 now choose a display name for your blogger account. you can also enter your real name there.

5 now click "new blog" button and this window will appear.

6 now two boxes will appear. in first choose the title that you want to keep for your blog. in second box choose a URL address for your blog. try to keep a short and simple address for your blog that can me remembered easily by your readers. your title should also be relevant.

7 From templates choose a template that you like and then click create blog button.

Your blog is now created and you can now start posting by clicking the new post button left side.

You can also create a blog for free on other services like Wordpress but i always prefer Blogger because its simple and easy.

you can also add a .com custom domain to your blog after creating it if you want do professional blogging. a domain will cost you less than $10 for a year.

After creating the blog remember to use Good title and template on your site. Also build good quality content if you want your blog to be really successful and get lot of readers.

Remember setting up a blog is easy but making that blog successful is not that easy. it needs hard work, proper planning and patience before you see the fruit. Many people thinks that they will start a blog today and tomorrow dollars will start to come out of their computers that is a totally wrong concept.
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