Top 10 Android Sports Games of 2013

Some people loves playing Sports games on their gadgets like Smartphones, Tablets and Computers. If you got a Android powered device then you can enjoy lot of awesome sports game because Google Play store is full of awesome Android Sports games will not let you get bore anytime. If you are a sports loving person in  your real life then you must download Sports game from Android Market and enjoy them.

Thousands of Sports games are present in Android store and new ones continues to come daily. Cricket, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling no matter which Sport you will find games about all of the Sports.

Following are 20 best Android sports games that i always love playing on my Android Phone.

1 Stick Cricket:

if you like playing Cricket games then its the best free Cricket game in Android store. You can do batting in the game for 5, 10 and 20 overs. Enjoy hitting fours and sixes. however you can't do bowling. Game size is 30 MB and it was last updated on 29th August 2013.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D:

you will love playing this Table tennis game. you have to hit shots at great pace. its just like playing table tennis in real. you will get amazing Intuitive touch screen controls. Game size is 6 MB.

3 Soccer Jump:

you have to hit heads to football to keep it going up and up and your score will continue to increase until the Football fells and destroys. Game size is 4 MB and it has got half a million downloads till now.

4 Speed Moto:

A very exciting Motorcycle racing game. you have to go on road at great speed crossing the traffic. also touch your bike with coins to increase your points. to play the game you Just need swap to your phone to control moto direction. Game size is 4.5 MB only.

5 Archery:

you have to hit the arrow to the target in this beautiful Android sports game. If you will hit it at middle yellow sign then you will get 50 points and an extra chance as well. Its one of the best bow and arrow game in Android store. its having size of 1.8 MB.

6 Skater Boy:

really cool game of running, jumping and skating. the game has many stages were you have to do skating over different things like Cars, buildings and slides. the last update to game came on 16th August 2013.

Basketball Shot

awesome game for fans of basketball. you have to do maximum baskets in given specific time. you will get pints for every basket that you will do. I am addicted to this game.

Pool Master Pro:

one of the best pool game in Android store having very good effects. you will get Touch control for moving the stick in it. Game size is 3.2 MB.

9 Drag Racing:

awesome car racing game with great graphics. its very similar to Speed Moto. the only difference is that in this game you will be running car not bike.

10 Crazy Snowboard:

you will love playing this snowboard game. this game has 30 missions. you have to snowboarding on different paths.

There were Top 10 Android sports game of 2013. i am sure you will love playing them on your Android Phones and Tablets. If you also have some favorite Android sports games then mention them in comments.
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