Various Google Penalties For Websites

In every matter of life there are rules which we have to abide by otherwise we can be in trouble. Similarly there are rules and quality guidelines which world's largest Search Engine Google has made for websites which Webmasters have to follow on their sites otherwise their websites will be in trouble by various Google Penalties.

Google Penalties For Websites are actually punishments for those websites which don't follows Google Quality guidelines. When these penalties are applied to some websites they loses Ranking in the Google Search and in serious cases sites can completely get de-indexed from Google Search.

There are several types of Google Penalties which i am going to mention below one by one:

Manual Penalty

If your website was violating any Google quality guideline and by chance a Google Webspam team member visited your site then he will apply manual penalty to your site. You will also get a message in your Google Webmaster tools that penalty is imposed on your site. Usually Manual spam action is imposed on sites that are having thin content or having Unnatural Links. with Manual penalty Ranking of your site will go down in Google Search.

Recently Google has introduced a separate section in Google Webmaster tools of Manual Spam Action and when a Manual action is imposed on any site a message is sent to that section telling the webmaster that Manual action is Imposed on your site for some reason and what changes you should made for removal of the Manual action.

How To Recover? 

To recover from a manual penalty you will have to make necessary changes to your site and send a reconsideration request to Google. they will again manually review your site and if your site is no longer violating the quality guidelines then the penalty will be removed. If necessary changes are not made then the manual penalty will stay till you make changes and again second the reconsideration request. It make take up to a week for Webspam team to reply to your reconsideration request.

Algorithm Penalties: 

Starting from February 2011 until now Google introduced many algorithm penalties like Google Panda Update, EMD Update, Penguin Update. In these types of penalties Google makes updates to its Search algorithm to target sites automatically which are doing something against the Google quality guidelines for example using copied content, Black Hat SEO methods. Panda Update hits those websites which are having poor quality content. Penguin usually target those sites that are using Black Hat SEO Methods like getting backlinks by spamming. EMD update targets sites having same domain name as the keywords. Google is also planning to launch more Algorithm penalties soon.

How To Recover? 

To recover from algorithm penalty find out the reason for which your site was hit. for example if there is copied or low quality content on your site then remove it. If you built backlinks by Black Hat SEO methods then remove those links and use disallow tool for disallowing bad backlinks in Google Webmasters tools. when Google will make next algorithm update then your site will also recover. remember you cannot send reconsideration request for this type of penalty and if you will send you will get the reply that no Manual spam action found against your site.

So these are different types of Google penalties that can kill your Search engine traffic very badly. Follow all the quality Guidelines of Google if you want to keep your website safe from these penalties.
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