What Will Happen If There Is No Internet?

Use of Internet became common in last few years and in a very short time Internet has got great importance in our daily lives. For everyone its not just a way of Entertainment but a lot more than that. For some its a way of Employment while others are doing their own businesses through it. Some uses it to talk to their dear ones across the seas while others uses it for educational purposes. Internet is a really huge Industry now expanding more and more. Many People are also taking advantage of this by Investing Online and making profits.

To make people understand the importance of Internet I am going to discuss the impacts that will come if Internet dies somehow tomorrow.

Here are some of these Impacts:

Joblessness: if there is no Internet the Joblessness will increase very much. millions of people are earning livings through Internet by various methods like freelancing, blogging. all these people will become unemployed if Internet dies. I myself do full time blogging and its my only source of Income. If there will be no Internet i will become Unemployed.

Communication Problems: there will be lot of communication problems as there will be no chatting, Email, Video chatting, Internet to phone calls. that will effect businesses and other activities. Large and Small companies organizes Online Conferences all the time. Without Internet these Conference will not take place anymore.

Problems In Files Transfer: now a days we are easily able to transfer various types of Audio, Video, Text, PDF files through Internet but if there is no Internet File transfer will become much difficult. People will have to do Manual file transfers like past days with USB, Bluetooth, CDs etc.

Books Importance: Importance of books will increase once again like old days and Libraries will become crowded again as we will not be able to do research on various topics online. Right now there are millions of Ebooks available online which people read. there are also Millions of blogs containing massive Information. without Internet we will not be able to access these sources of Information so people will have to go and read books in Libraries.

Cash transactions: the importance of Cash transactions will increase as digital transactions such as credit cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer will not work. Online Banking system will become dead.

Meeting each other: people will become more social as there will be no online friends and no online chats. they will meet each other more in real life like old days. now a days people like to spend more time on Facebook instead of meeting each other in real.

Offline Businesses: Offline Businesses will again start to get more sales as Online businesses will completely end. right now Online business of billions of dollars takes place every year specially in December.

These are the 7 major effects that will take place if Internet dies today. reading them really makes us realize how important Internet has become in our lives. these are not the only impacts but there are many other as well.
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