8 Tips to Identify A Fake Facebook Profile

Facebook is world's largest social network and one of the most visited website on the Internet with over a billion users. On Facebook there are all types of people. There are many good people but there are also some bad people. some of these bad people likes to make Fake Facebook profiles with Fake pics and names for various reasons. Scamming, cheating, fooling others are some main reasons behind creation of Fake Facebook profiles.

Lot of boys also likes to make fake girls profiles and then fool other boys with those profiles. this trend is more common in South Asia specially India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

There are around 83 million Fake profiles on Facebook that are growing day by day. while using facebook you should be careful before adding someone as friend and make sure that the profile is not fake whom you are adding into your friend list.

There are some signs that may help you to found out a profile that is fake which I am going to mention below:

1 Fake Profiles are mostly on Girls Names.

2 Fake Profiles mostly contains display pics of beautiful girls.

3 Check the date of a profile that seems suspicious to you. a fake profile will most probably will not be of a big age. age of a profile can be checked on right middle where years appear.

4 On Fake profiles you will find pics of different beautiful girls uploaded in Albums and those pics are also visible to non-friends.

5 About and other Information is not filled properly on most Fake profiles so this may also help you to identify a fake one.

6 On Fake profiles these names are used most often in Pakistan: Sana, Maria, Nadia. Sidra, Nida, Alisha, Saima and Khan is used as last name mostly.

7 also check the friends of the profile that seems suspicious to you. for example if a girl profile is having all the male friends in her list then probably its a fake profile.

The big way to catch a fake Facebook profile:

go to profile that seems fake to you. download image of that profile. now go to Google images site Images.google.com and find the camera icon in the search box as shown above. there you need to upload that profile image. now if in results that images appears many times it means that it is possibly a fake profile. this method can't be helpful if there is image of any celebrity or things like flowers, mountains on the profile.

I hope these tips will help you in finding Fake profiles on Facebook and save you from being getting fooled by someone.

Reporting Fake Profile

If you find a Fake Facebook profile then its your responsibility to report it to Facebook authorities. Here is the method of reporting a Fake profile to Facebook.

1 Go to the Fake profile.

2 Now click this button that you will find on right side on the location of Facebook cover.

3 Now click report/block

4 This window will appear from where you can choose a appropriate option.

Facebook will now review that profile and if they found it fake then they will remove it.
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