Blogging Is Name of Learning and Earning

Blogging is a unique Profession for which most of people don't do any special course and there is also no teacher who teaches them about it while starting up. Most of people starts blogging with no proper knowledge and this why they makes lot of mistakes from day 1.

However the case will be different if your brother or a friend is already a experienced blogger and guiding you about starting the blogging. but it happens in very few cases. Usually people starts up with no knowlege and slowly they learn more and more.

Learning and Earning

I believe that Blogging is name of Learning and Earning. from day 1 of blogging we make many mistakes due to which we also suffer badly many times. but with time as we get experience we also learn from those mistakes and try not to repeat them. in this process of learning we also start to earn some money as well through blogging.

a great way of learning the blogging and getting rid of the mistakes you made is reading various blogs about blogging, reading Ebooks on blogging and getting connected with experienced bloggers through Facebook and Twitter. Blogs like and can be really helpful for you. they share all the tips and information related to blogging.

In my case when I started the blogging several years back in 2008 there was no one to guide me. i made many mistakes right from the day 1. for example I done keyword stuffing, hidden text and copied content from other sources in my early days of blogging. even now I keep on making some mistakes. but i have learned from my mistakes that i made in the past and I try not to repeat them again. I also read lot of articles on blogging and talk with other bloggers which helps me to increase my knowledge. we also have a group on Facebook named Pakistani Probloggers for this purpose where many experienced and newbie bloggers are present to discuss things related to blogging.

a thing that also makes me sad sometimes is  that why I made so many mistakes and where i would have been today if i would have avoided those mistakes. but the fact is that all of us makes mistakes and learn from them. we can't learn without mistakes. Experience comes with mistakes. we can't change our past however we can improve our future by not repeating those mistakes again.

With help of blogging you can make a huge income if you will work with proper planning and by setting a target.  some bloggers are even earning six figures with blogging every month.


As I said above you will make mistake in this process of blogging but try not to repeat these mistakes again and again. It will also increase your knowledge very much because the topic about which yo are going to write first you will do research about it and then you will write. that will eventually boost your knowledge. so always try to read as much articles as you can before writing.
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