Care About Content Not The Backlinks

We see many webmasters planning different ways to get maximum backlinks to their websites by link exchange, Link Schemes, buying links, blog commenting, directory submission etc but they don't care much about the quality and quantity of content on their site. They forget that most Important thing is high quality unique content and then White Hat SEO. While they also forget that Black Hat SEO Methods can hurt them badly.

These fellows think by doing Black Hat SEO they will be able to Rank higher in Google and other search engines but I would like to tell  such webmasters that they are mistaken. in the past days maybe it was possible to Rank higher just with help of backlinks and some content but now in the era of Google penalties like Panda and Penguin you can't rank higher by getting lot of Unnatural backlinks.

Be Careful In Building Backlinks:

Trying to create too many backlinks to your site will get your site penalized by Google Penguin update instead of making it Ranking higher in Google. Google has introduced several penalties in past 2 years in which some are just to target the sites which are having unnatural backlinks like the over-optimization penalty, Penguin update.

I would suggest all the webmasters to care about creating good quality original content and stop worrying about backlinks. when your content will be good then people will themselves start to link to your site. those links will not only be natural but also relevant. they will come themselves even without your try.

If you want to create backlinks then don't be very quick in doing it otherwise they will be seen as unnatural links by Google. the easiest way with which you can get relevant backlinks is by blog commenting on relevant blogs and doing guest posting.

In last few months Google has send many Unnatural Links notifications through Google Webmaster Tools to those sites who tried to build backlinks using unnatural methods. so be really careful about building the backlinks. If you find poor quality sites linking back to your site then use disallow tool for such links in Webmasters tools. Google has specially Introduced this tool for webmasters so that they can get rid of poor sites Linking to their sites.

Some useful ways to get quality backlinks to your site are:

Guest Posting on relevant sites

Social Media sites Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumbleupon, Digg

Blogging Networks

Directories submissions

Blog Aggregators

Blog Commenting on relevant blogs

Yahoo Answers Links



Press Releases

Youtube Profile and Video Links

RSS Directories

Try these ways of building backlinks but don't be very quick otherwise you will be penalize by Penguin or Manual Spam action.

In the end I will say it again keep your main concentration on producing high quality original content if you want to be successful in longer term. if you will built quality content then people will themselves link back to you. example of big websites is in front of us. they produce so much quality and interesting content that people love to link back to them and in result these sites are having millions of backlinks that are relevant and natural.
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