Choosing a Right Topic For Blogging

While starting the blogging several question comes in mind of people like choosing the right platform, choosing the right design and choosing the right topic for their blog. Lot of people looks for the high paying topics while starting a blog while other chooses a niche about which they see lots of blogs over the Internet such as tech niche or Wallpapers niche.

So how to choose a right topic for blogging? or which is the topic about which one should blog about? confused? don't worry i will help you.

Well the simple answer to this question is that one should start a blog on a topic about which he is passionate and also got lot of knowledge. If you will start a blog on a topic about which you have passion and knowledge then it will become really easy for you to write on that topic. you will be able to write lot of quality content on that topic and this thing will lead your blog to success. When we write about something that we like then it becomes really easy to write lot of content.

On other hand if you will start a blog on a niche that is high paying but you don't have passion for that niche and also not got much knowledge then your blog will have high chances of getting failed and it is also a major reason due to which many newbies fails. you will not be able to write much content on a topic for which you are not having passion and knowledge. After writing few posts you will start to feel boring. this thing will lead your blog towards failure.

Let me explain this by an example of myself. I am a great fan of Cricket. I follow all the Cricket matches and also played lot of Cricket from my childhood till now. this is why I started a Cricket blog 3 years ago and believe me I love writing on that blog because Cricket is my passion. My blog got lot of success because I was able to write lot of content about cricket on it regularly. even after so many years I am able to write plenty of content on Cricket. why? because Cricket is my passion and love.

Now the second example of mine. I don't have much knowledge about Forex trading. I once created a blog about Forex trading because i heard it is a high paying niche which badly failed and reason is same. I was not able to write good content about Forex trading because I not even knew about it much. I hardy written 5 articles about Forex  and got bored.


Never look for a high paying niche or the topic about which there are lots of blogs around. Just ask your heart about your passion and create a blog on that. If you are looking to start a new blog then choose good hosting and domain name and start to write about the topic of your interest and I guarantee you that you will succeed.
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