Digg.com Banned In Google Search

This news will be really surprising for most of webmasters but it is true that famous social news website digg.com is banned in Google Search. the site has been completely deindexed from the Google search and now even one page of digg.com is not appearing in Google Search results.

According to SEO Experts it is possibly linked with the Google Panda update that taken place couple of days ago. the recent Panda update 25 may have caused the deindexation of digg.

another reason for this instead of Google Panda update can be a announcement that Digg made last week that it is going to launch a service like Google reader soon.

the third reason can be that Google webspam team may have given a manual penalty to digg.com for containing millions of spam links.

we will have to wait to found out the real reason for this huge deindexation . Digg team or Google Webspam team has not said anything about it yet.

one thing is clear that this deindexation is not permanent because when a site makes necessary changes according to Google Quality guidelines then Google again indexes that site to its Search results. so if Digg.com will make necessary changes then they will be back in Google search.

Update: Digg is back in Google Search. Google has announced that Digg was deindexed due to a mistake which is fixed now.

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