Facebook News Feed Getting New Design on 7 March

It would be a important news for over 1 billion people of the world who uses world's largest social networking site Facebook that the site's News Feed is going to get a completely news design on 7th March. the new design for News feed will be launched in a event that is going to be organized at Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park this Thursday.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will himself unveil the new new news feed for the Facebook users. Media has also got invitations for the event by Facebook already.

its not yet clear that what changes Facebook is going to bring in the news feed. there are also no rumors going on that what new features can come to news feed?

lot of Facebook users seems upset with this announcement of change in News feed. according to these users whenever they gets used to some features the Facebook team makes changes in them.

so lets wait until 10 am 3rd March 2013 and see what Facebook is going to launch?

So Here is the newly launched Facebook News Feed:

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