Google Panda, Penguin and Link Networks Updates Coming Soon

Get Ready dear webmasters because after almost two months Google is all set to bring some major updates that may badly hit or benefit your websites. Google Webspam Team head Matt Cutts has announced that soon Google will be releasing Panda, Penguin and Link Networks updates.


First of all a Google Panda Update will come within next 8 days. the last Panda update came almost two months back in January. This upcoming Panda update is named Google Panda update 25.


After Panda the next update that will come will be Penguin update and it will be a huge one according to Matt Cutts. Google is already working on this update and it will be released in coming months.

Link Networks

The third announcement of Matt Cutts was about targeting the Link Networks by launching an update. this update will come in one or two weeks from now.

Google's main objective of all these algorithm updates is to target the low quality, Spammy and those sites which uses Black-Hat SEO methods. however in this process Collateral damage also takes place and many innocent websites gets hit by these updates. Google must make sure that those Websites which are following quality guidelines are not effected at all by Panda, Penguin and other updates.

Webmasters should get ready now for some big algorithm updates by Google in coming days. try to improve your site by adding unique content and avoid wrong ways of getting backlinks otherwise you may lose lot of traffic due to these updates. also remove all the poor quality content from your sites quickly.

Update: Panda and Penguin are Live already however Link Network updates are yet to come.
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