Know How Google Actually Works?

Google Is the largest and most used Search engine in the world in which billions of websites are indexed which are growing daily. All of us use Google to search websites on various topics. When we search for anything Google provides us with the relevant results within seconds. whenever a new webpage gets created Google also indexes it quickly into its results.

How Google Search Works?
have you ever imagined how Google Search actually works? how Google provides us with all these relevant search results so quickly?  how new pages appears in Google so quickly? and how Google fights with spam in search results.

Watch this to get answers of all these questions by Google itself:

it explains that there are 30 million individual webpages are indexed in Google search that are increasing with every second.

in first part it is explained that how Google crawls and indexes a webpage.

the second part explains how Algorithms works to provide best possible search results.

third and last part explains that how Google fights spam in its Search results and what are different types of spam.

so i would recommend you to must watch the above story of Google Search specially if you are a webmaster. It will greatly help you to understand how Google Search Works and how you can improve your website to Rank better in Google?
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