Learn How To Delete or Deactivate a Facebook Account

Facebook Is World's second most visited website On the Internet after Google.com and the top Social Network. Its having over a billion users. Everyday thousands of new users joins Facebook. While using Facebook many users takes decision of deleting their accounts permanently or temporarily for different reasons. Some want to create new accounts while others are tired of using Facebook and this is why they plan to say goodbye to their Facebook accounts. One of my friend Babar Keeps on deactivating and Activating his account time to time and I often makes jokes with him about it.

Deleting your Facebook account is easy and can be done in few steps. after deleting your account your profile will not be searchable on Facebook. you will also disappear from Friends list of people and all content that you shared will also get disappeared like Photos, Pics, Statues or even comments on others posts.

There are two options you can use to get rid of your Facebook account. first is temporarily deactivating your Facebook account and second is permanently deleting your account. if you will choose the temporary deactivation then in future you will be able to reactive your profile. during this period your profile will become inaccessible for other users of Facebook.

On other hand If you chosen permanent permanent disabling then you will not be able to reactivate your account ever again.

Here is how you can Implement these two options:

1 Temporary Deactivation

To deactivate your account temporarily go to Account Settings > Security > and click Deactivate your account.

here you will be asked reason for deactivation of your account. after writing the reason click confirm button and your account will become deactivated. In the future you can activate it again.

2 Permanent Deletion

If you want to permanently delete your account then visit this link and click delete my account button:


by doing so your Account will be deleted forever. you will never be able to reactivate it again so be careful while taking this decision.

Update: Now it takes 14 Days for your account to get deleted once you choose the above option of deleting your account. during this period if you started using your account then it will not be deleted. so don't use it for the 14 days if you want to go away permanently.

This is how you will get rid of your Facebook account temporarily or permanently. I am also thinking to remove my account because i waste many hours daily on Facebook instead of doing new blog posts on my blogs. right now i am badly addicted to the Facebook.
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