My Facebook Friend Request Is Blocked What To Do?

So you was sending lot of friend requests to unknown people on Facebook and if you are a single boy then you was sending lot of friend requests to unknown girl due to which  Facebook blocked your Friend request for 15 or 30 days? right?

Well this problem is common with lot of Facebook users and you can't really do something about it but to wait for 15 or 30 days after which Your friend request system is enabled again by Facebook. Try to avoid sending too many friend requests to unknown people in future otherwise Facebook can permanently block your friend request.

When friend request of a user is blocked then he gets similar message on sending friend requests to anyone.

Friend Request blocked

during this time you are also blocked from sending message to non-friends.

Facebook basically is for the connection of those people who knows each other in real life however some people also tries to makes new friends through World's largest social sites and gets blocked for sending too many friend requests.

In most of cases these are boys who gets their Friend request feature blocked for sending friend requests to stranger beautiful Girls who rejects the friend request. When you do it again and again Facebook blocks your friend request feature for some days. If you will continue to do it despite warnings then your account can also get disabled so be careful.

It happens when you send too many request and the people whom you are sending the requests reject them or leave them as they are. so don't try to send too many friend requests in short period of time. If someone is not accepting your request then cancel it. 
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