You Must Keep Backup Of Your Blog

We all know how Important our blogs are for us bloggers. they are much more than some webpages as a common Internet users will see them .It takes hard work of years to take a blog on top by building high quality content and doing proper SEO. We create lot of content by hard work, do Search engine optimization and invest on marketing of our blog and then its gets success after long time. now what about losing a blog? it may take just a minute for us to lose our blog. It seems unbelievable but its true.

For example if our blog gets hacked or removed by the service where it was hosted for some reason. we will lose our blog in moments in any of such case.

So for any such situation it is very important to keep backup of your blog. if you will keep backup of your blog and in any case you lose your blog somehow then your content will remain safe and you will be able to import it again on your blogging platform. Creating a backup will make ensue that hard work remains safe.

I would like to share my own story here. one of my blog with 35000 posts was deleted in October 2013. it was my good luck that i was having backup of my blog on my computer due to which my 35000 posts came back Online.

Wordpress blogs gets hacked more often so you should create backup if your wordpress blog on regular basis. Blogger Blog usually not gets hacked but Google can delete it anytime or your Email account can get hacked which you use to login to your blogger account. so blogger users also needs to create backup. Blogger blogs are hosted by Google Itself on its own servers and they can get removed anytime if Google caught them as spam even by mistake. There are many bloggers who loses their blogger blogs this way. Similarly if a big party files a DMCA complaint against your blogger blog then as well Google will remove your blog Immediately without giving a second chance. so keeping all these cases in mind it is really Important to regularly back up your blog no matter you are on Wordpress or Blogger.

All Blogging platforms provide option of keeping backup of blog.

If you are on Blogger then this is the method of creating backup of your blog:

Go To Settings > Other

Choose Export Blog option and then click download blog button like shown here:

your blog will get downloaded to your computer in XML format. now if you will ever need to use backup of your blog then you can simply go to Setting > other page. from there choose import blog and upload the blog. your blog posts will get imported into your existing blog with the same dates as they were before.

In Wordpress as well you can create a backup of your blog.

go to tools and choose the option of backup for creating a backup of your blog on your computer. there are several other methods as well of creating back up on WP like through FTP.

Similarly on all other blogging platforms you will find option of creating backup of your blog which you must utilize for protection of your hard work.
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