Protect Your Adsense Account From Click Bombing

From last week we are hearing from lot of Bloggers and Webmasters that they are seeing lot of invalid clicks on their adsense accounts. Hundreds of Bloggers have faced Click Bombing on their adsense ads in last few days. some famous bloggers like Zac Johnson also lost their adsense accounts due to this click bombing.

Due to this ongoing wave of click bombing the blogging community is really worried. Lot of bloggers have taken down Adsense ads from their websites to be saved from more harm. this is really a alarming situation for blogger community around the world specially in South Asia because South Asian bloggers are facing this problem of Click Bombing more.

Its not yet clear that who is behind these clicks attacks and what is the motive of attackers?

So how you can protect your adsense account from click bombing? and if click bombing has already taken place what steps you can take?

1. First of all keep eye on your adsense account. Login to your account daily and check the reports carefully for any invalid activity. if you see lot of clicks and no earning for those clicks then it means these are invalid clicks and you need to take action right away  to protect your valuable adsense account.

2. Use services like statcounter to see the IPs that clicks your adsense accounts. if you see any suspicious IP then ban it immediately.

3. If you have faced click bombing then you should report it Google Immediately using this form. By doing so Google will get informed that you have faced bombing and you have no fault in it. try to tell them details about the invalid clicks that you seen in your reports.

4. You can also remove ads temporarily from your site to be saved from more attacks. when things gets normal you can put the ads back on your site. however in result of this you will lose some revenue. but its better to lose some revenue instead of losing whole account.

5. There are many scripts available out their that saves you from Click bombing. These scripts hides the ads once someone tries to click them again and again and this way you get saved from bombing. you can avail any of these scripts.

These are some steps you can take against Adsense click bombing.

if you loss your account in result of click bombing then you can make a appeal here to get your account reinstated. there are many people who got their adsense accounts back after appeal which were disabled in result of click attacks. in appeal tell the complete situation to Google in details. also provide any logs data if you have. if you will be lucky then your account will get reinstated.

Adsense is the best online advertising programs and main source of revenue for most of sites. Losing it is a major setback for any Webmasters. So we should take every step for its protection.

Update: Google has now stopped showing Invalid clicks and impressions in Adsense reports anymore. It was announced by Google adsense recently. So it means if someone makes Invalid clicks on your ads then they will not be visible to you. It may also mean that Google will not disable accounts now in case of Click Bombing as Invalid clicks will not be visible In adsense reports from now on. but we cannot say it for sure.
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