Slow Internet Problem Continues Due To Undersea Cable Fault

Its almost a week now that Internet users across South Asian countries Including Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are noticing slow Internet speed because of a Undersea Cable SMW4 Fault near Egypt.there are total no. of 4 of such submarine cables in entire world which are connecting whole word with the Web. the work on repairing of the cable has already started but it may take several more weeks to get repaired completely according to reports of a Egyptian News TV Channel.

In Pakistan almost 50% Internet users are effected by this cable damage and experiencing very slow Internet. I myself got a 4 MBPS PTCL Broadband connection but right now i am not even getting 1 MBPS speed. It is a really frustrating situation for Internet users like me who uses Internet for many hours daily for their Businesses and Jobs purposes. the situation is same in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries. during the cable repair time Pakistan will use Internet through SEA-ME-WE-3and TWA-1 and it will be back on SMW4 as it gets repaired. the total length of this cable is around 18,800 KM.

According to media reports the Undersea Cable SMW4 was damaged by three divers who are arrested by Egypt Authorities and police is investigating why they done it.

Due to cable fault Different websites are also noticing less web traffic and revenues as people are not able to use Internet at normal speed. Similarly less people are able to use Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

another name that is used for these types of cables fault is Shunt fault.

Update: Finally This Problem is resolved now after long wait of 19 days. Internet Users in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are reporting that their Internet speed is back to normal now. It is a very good news for Online businesses who were in trouble for almost 20 days. Common Internet users are also feeling comfort to use Internet at normal speed once again.
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