Software To Catch Fake or Edited Pics

Its the Era of modern technology where everything is becoming possible with help of latest Softwares. Softwares like Photoshop has made it really easy to edit a pic in a way that it still looks real after getting edited. On social media sites like Facebook we see so many Fake and edited pics that are used for different purposes.

For example political parties uploads fake pics of opposition parties. sometimes it becomes difficult to identify if a Pic if edited or real. but now this difficulty has become really small due to a Software which catches fake edited Pics.

The Software is made by two Pakistan boys Hafiz Usman and Syed Ali.

Here is how this Software works told in Program Sar E Aam By Iqrar Ul Hassan where both of these youngsters appeared and shown details of their Software. Photos of Veena Malik and Umpire Asad Rauf were checked with the Software.

These Two Pics were checked with this Software and both were found edited:

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