5 Ways to Get Your New Blog Posts Indexed Quickly In Google

You must have noticed that new blog posts of some blogs gets indexed very quickly within seconds or minutes while for some blogs it take days to week to get their new posts indexed in Google and other Search engines. While there are also some sites whom's posts don't gets indexed at all.

Why is it that new blog posts of some blog gets indexed very quickly while for some it takes long time? there can be different reasons for that and you can take different steps to get your posts indexed quickly which I will mention below with details.

Commonly blog posts of new blogs with less backlinks and less content takes long time to gets indexed. so if your blog is new then don't worry about low indexing speed. As a site gets older and generates good quality content then its posts starts to get indexed more quickly.

If your blog is old and its still taking lot of time for your posts to get indexed then you need to take following steps:

Create Good quality content: Search engines loves good quality original content. if you want to get your posts indexed quickly then create lots of good quality content. never copy content of other websites. always write from your own mind in your own words. also try to blog on topics about which you have interest. it will help to greatly to create quality content. Google and other Search engines will see your site with respect if there will be good quality content and will start to index its posts more quickly.

Post more often: another way to get your posts indexed more quickly is posting more often. try to create new posts almost daily. usually posts of such sites that are updated daily gets indexed within few seconds of posting. for example you can see Indexing of sites like Geo News and Huffington Post. These sites posts lots of content daily and their posts gets indexed with few seconds.

Create High quality backlinks: another factor for fast indexing is having lot of high quality backlinks to your website. build backlinks using different methods like guest posting, blog commenting. but backlinks should be relevant and natural. don't try to build backlinks by wrong Black Hat SEO ways otherwise Google will penalize your website for it.

Social Media: sharing your new blog posts on social media sites like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter can also improve the indexing speed. build a Facebook page about your blog and whenever you do a new post on your blog also share it on your Facebook page. Similarly also share new content on Twitter and Google Plus. It will help Search engine to index your content more quickly.

Ping: Use different ping services like Google Blog search ping to Ping your blogs. it will tell Google that you have published new post on your blog and it will get indexed quickly.

Causes of Low or no Indexing:

If from a long time Google is not indexing your new posts then there can be other reasons as well that you must fix like Crawl errors, Manual penalty by Google. In case of Manual penalty you will receive a message in Google Webmaster tools. you will have to make Improvements in your site and send a reconsideration request to Google. They will review your site and remove the Manual penalty if issues on your site are resolved. Another reason is having a new site. as I said above usually the posts of new sites take longer to get indexed.
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