Facebook May Face Another Ban In Pakistan

Largest Social Networking website Facebook may face another ban in Pakistan as Peshawar High Court has ordered Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA to block blasphemous content from Facebook and other websites within next 3 days. If PTA failed to block the blasphemous content then court may order to block the Facebook completely.

Peshawar High court given this decision after a lawyer named Arif Khan went to court because PTA was not able to block the blasphemous content from social sites despite previous orders of court.

Largest Video sharing website Youtube is already blocked in Pakistan from more than seven months due to presence of blasphemous videos on it. Facebook was also blocked two years ago in Pakistan over blasphemous content issue but it was opened later on.

Lets wait and watch what steps PTA Takes in the coming days to block the Anti Islamic content from Social networking sites specially Facebook?

In last one year Facebook Users in Pakistan has increased at a great speed and currently there are 9 to 10 million users using Facebook. Facebook also faced a back in Pakistan back in 2011 after a blasphemous cartoon competition taken place in World's largest social networking website. but later on Facebook was reopened in the country.

Update: Peshawar High Court has decided not to block the Facebook however ordered PTA to make a mechanism to block Anti-Islamic content. According to PTA they are already working on such mechanism from some months.
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