Google Penguin 2.0 Coming soon

Get ready dear webmasters because Google is soon going to launch another Search update named Google Penguin 2.0 that is expected to come within next 10 days. this announcement is made by Google's Web Spam Team head Matt Cutts recently in a conference. Matt Cutts also made several other Important announcements there.

For those who don't know Google Penguin update is a Google algorithm update that was launched by Google to hit those websites that uses Black Hat SEO methods to get high Rankings in Google Search such as Link schemes, irrelevant links, excessive link building, keyword stuffing, cloaking etc. the update was first introduced back in April 2012. Google has launched several other Algorithm updates as well like Panda, EMD etc for Improving the search quality and Penguin is specially related to SEO techniques.

now Google is going to launch second version Penguin 2.0 in which Google has made lots of improvements. the update will mainly hit those websites that are having lots of unnatural links.

If you don't want your website to get hit by Penguin 2.0 update then follow these tips:

1 only create relevant quality backlinks for your website. guest posting is a good way of creating quality backlinks. Irrelevant backlinks are useful so stay away from them. they will not do any good for your site.

2 avoid any Black Hat SEO method like Keyword studding, Hidden text, Link schemes.

3 don't participate in Link schemes they will get your site penalized really badly.

4 concentrate more on generating good quality content. content is the most important thing that you need on your site.

5 use disallow tool in Webmasters tools to disallow bad quality backlinks. if you find any irrelevant poor sites linking to your site then disallow them with this tool quickly.

6 don't use same anchor text in every backlink. Penguin will also target sites that are using same anchor text on all back links.

7 don't do excessive link exchange otherwise be ready to get hit. few link exchanges will be fine.

8 don't sell links on your site. Google has strictly forbidden the selling links and if you got caught then you will be in trouble.

9 Avoid over optimization on your site as Panda is also against that.

10 Keep eye on your web traffic when any Google Algorithm update is taking place. If your traffic drops it means you are hit by the update and you have to take necessary steps to bounce back.

11 Its better to not create blogrolls giving links to other sites.

by taking these 11 steps you will make sure that your site not gets hit by the next Penguin update. Remember Creating backlinks by black hat SEO methods will create trouble for you and will reduce your Ranking and Traffic.

Dates When Penguin Updates Were Releases In Past:

April 24, 2012

May 25, 2012

October 5, 2012

May 10, 2013

Expect more Penguin updates in the coming months.

Google has launched a  Penguin Spam Report Form to report those sites that are Ranking still high despite doing spamming. You can reach this form here to report any site. however don't try to misuse this form by reporting those sites that are not involved in Spamming.
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