Use Youtube In Pakistan Without Any Proxy

It has been almost 7 months now that Largest Video Sharing website Youtube is banned in Pakistan. since that time Pakistani internet users are using different proxy websites like Ultra Surf and Hotspot Shield for using Youtube. Some people are also able to access it using HTTPS but not all.

But from now on you don't need any proxy for using Youtube because some Pakistani youngsters has made a website by using which you can see all the Youtube Videos easily just like you see them on Youtube.

Simply visit the website and you can watch and search all the Youtube videos like you do it Youtube website itself.

This site is actually becoming a platform to show the Youtube Videos to the users. Site itself is not hosting any Videos at all.

I have also tried this website and it has not totally satisfied me because its speed is low. Secondly sometimes Videos not plays. So i cannot say that you will get 100% experience of Youtube on this site but at least something is better than nothing.

we may also hear the news of reopening of Youtube once the Nawaz Sharif Government comes into power in the coming days. until then use iShowTube to watch the Youtube Videos. PTA is working now a days for making filters to block blasphemous content. Youtube will only open once those fitlers comes into work and blasphemous videos links becomes inaccessible for users.
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