Add Pics In Facebook Comments

Social Networking site Facebook continues to bring more and more interesting features for its growing users every month. Earlier this month Facebook launched several new features Like Hashtags Pics for comments, What are you doing for Statuses. one of most exciting among them was Pics in Facebook comments. yes you can now add pics in comments of any post.

In Every comment box of posts you will see a Camera sign. click that button and upload the pic that you want to show in the comments.

This is how pics appear in the Facebook comments:

This new feature will make the use of Facebook even more interesting for the people and now they will be able to express their views in comments with pictures as well. if you have not tried this feature yet then go now to any status of your friend and add a image in comments.

however Facebook has not yet released the Pics in comments features for the pages so you will have to do wait for that. Its also possible that this feature will never be launched for Pages because On pages so many people makes comments so lots of pics in comments may look irritating to many users.

Update: Pics in Comments for Pages and Groups is also also released by Facebook few days ago and believe me pics in comments of Pages really looks irritating. Even in serious discussions people starts posting funny pics which spoils the discussion. even a stupid pic in comments is more visible for the users as compared to good text comment. So at least i didn't liked the Pics in comments for Pages and Groups. 
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