Verified Accounts Feature Now In Facebook Just Like Twitter

Verified accounts feature is available in Microblogging website Twitter from a long time which is commonly used by Celebrities and other famous people to verify that their account is real. Now World's largest social site Facebook has also introduced feature of Verified accounts for Facebook pages and profiles following the footsteps of Twitter. Facebook continues to make changes on regularly basis and Verified accounts is the newest one.

Famous people and celebrities can now verify their profiles and pages on Facebook after which verified badge will start to appear on their profiles and pages. however this feature is not available for common Facebook users so If you are a common man then this feature is not for you.

With this new feature the real profiles and pages of famous people will have authenticity that they are real. It will also be useful for common Facebook users because now they will be able to know that which are official pages of their favourite celebrities so they can like the real pages and stay away from the fake ones.

Here is a example of  verified page of Justin Bieber on which you can see verified badge in blue color.

Similar badge will also appear on the verified profiles of public figures.

This step of Facebook is really good and it will bring more authenticity on World's largest social networking site. Some people are also criticizing Facebook that it has become a copycat of Microblogging site Twitter which first introduced this feature.

On Social sites like Twitter and Facebook there is a huge problem that many fake Profiles pretends to be real celebrities. verify feature is a great step to counter this thing.  
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