What Will Be The Impact If Google Is Really Blocked In Pakistan?

Two days ago on Tuesday Pakistan's new IT Minister Anusha Rahman on her first day at office given the statement that popular Search Engine Google may be blocked in Pakistan if it not removed the blasphemous content. Google's Video sharing website Youtube is already blocked in Pakistan from last 9 months due to a blasphemous video.

Anusha Rahman is right that blasphemous content should be removed and no one should be allowed to hurt religious sentiments of others. but is blocking the Google solution? or is keeping the whole Youtube blocked the solution? why the links of specific content that is having blasphemous content are not blocked instead of whole sites? other Muslim Countries including Saudi Arabia only blocked the specific blasphemous video not the whole Youtube.

What Will Be the Impact?

Pakistan's new IT Minister Anusha Rahman must know that blocking Google will have a huge negative impact. Thousands of Pakistanis are earning income from Online sources and blocking Google will badly effect their Earnings. at a time when Pakistani economy is suffering and unemployment is at peak the Pakistani youth is using different online methods to make money like blogging, freelancing, online stores. Blocking Google will effect all these online businesses and will only increase the problems.

So Pakistani Govt should take steps to block specific  blasphemous content links instead of blocking complete websites. PTA must make such mechanism with help of which only specific links can be blocked instead of whole sites.


IT Minister Anusha Rahman has said that Google is not going to be blocked in Pakistan and her statement was presented wrongly by the Media. She also said that talks with Google authorities are going on to block specific blasphemous content links in Pakistan. She also said that Youtube will be reopened in Pakistan once mechanism is made to block blasphemous Videos.
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