5 Reasons Working Online Is Better Than Working Offline

With the growth of Internet around the world the trend of Online Businesses and Online Jobs is increasing at a great level. More and more people are changing their way of Employment. They are preferring to work online from their homes instead of working in a office under a boss or opening a small business by investing money.
Well there are several reasons which makes working online better than working offline and due to those reasons we are seeing this change overtime.

Here are top 5 reasons why Online Work Is Better Than Offline Work:

1) You are the boss: 

When doing a job we follow the orders of our boss. whatever he says we simply follow the orders. but while working online we are our own bosses. we don't need to follow the orders of anyone. we have the freedom to work with our own will

2) No Time Limit: 

In a offline Job there is always a timing on which we work. for example Banks timings in Pakistan are 9 AM to 5 PM. if you are doing a offline Job you will have to reach at your workplace on time and stay there until the time ends. on other hand in Online working there are no timings. You can work whenever you want. you can work at 8 AM or 8 PM or 3 AM. there are no restrictions. if you are not in mood of working any day you can also go on leave. while in a offline job there are specific days for Holiday.

3) No Or Less Investment: 

although a offline Job don't need investment but if you are planning to do a offline business then you need lots of investment to start a good business for making huge profits. On other hand for online business much investment is not needed. for example if you want to start blogging online then you just need a domain to start that is available in only $8. if you want to start a online store for that you need a very little investment as compared to starting a offline store.

4) No Loss: 

as mentioned in previous point that online business don't requires any investment it means there are also no chances of financial loss. now compare it with a offline business where you make big investments which also increases chances of loss.

5) Time for yourself: 

If you are working online then you can give more time to yourself. as i said above there are no time limits, no boss and no specific days on which you have to work. you can go out for a chill anytime.

these where 5 reasons which makes working online better than working offline. but it does not mean that working offline has no benefits. there are also many benefits of a offline Job or business. In offline work you meet new people, make new friends and connections.

Also don't think that making money online is very easy. you will have to work hard on regular basis with patience. only then you will see the fruit.

In the end i would just like to say that do the work with which you feel more comfortable. listen to your heart and follow it.

Here is a short comparison of Job, Business and Online business which will clear the things even more in your mind:

Job: No investment, More Work, Less Profit But no risk.
Business: More Investment, Less Work, More profit but risk.
Online business: Little Investment, more work, more profit but no risk.
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