Questions Of a Newbie Blogger

Yesterday i received some questions from a young guy who is a newbie in profession of blogging that were related to blogging. i done chatting on Facebook with that guy and explained him in detail what actually blogging is? how it works? and how you can make money with it? almost similar questions are asked by every newbie in profession of blogging.

So I decided to create a post about those questions and their answers so that it may help all the newbies. So here are these questions and their answers:

Guy: What actually blogging is? 

Me: in easy words you can say that blogging is a digital diary on which we can write our personal views and people can read it through Internet.

Guy: How i can create a blog?

Me: there are different blogging platforms available online using whom you can easily create a blog within minutes. the most preferred are Blogger and Wordpress. setting up a blog on blogger is simple and easy. Wordpress is a little complicated as compared to blogger.

Guy: and how much it will cost to create a blog?

Me: Creating a blog not costs much. For blogger you just need to pay for domain and hosting is absolute free. you can get a domain in $8 for a year. If you want to create a blog on Wordpress then you will have to pay for Domain as well as hosting. hosting is also available on cheap rates starting from $10.

Guy: on which topic i should create a blog?

Me: always create a blog about a topic for which you are having lots of passion and also enough knowledge. i am a huge fan of Cricket and football and keep on following them. that's why i have created blogs on both Cricket as well as Football. i love writing about Cricket and Football because they are my passions. when you will have passion about something then you will love to write about that thing.  if you created a blog regarding something for which you have no passion then you will get bored too quickly writing about it.

Guy: How to make people visit my Blog?

Me: this is a very good and important question which is asked very often by the newbies. you can only make people visit your blog when you will have good and lot of content on your blog that is updated regularly. So write good and interesting content on regular basis. it will attract people to your blog. Your blog should also have a good design as well as good user experience.

Guy: From which sources i can get visitors to my blog?

Me: one of the main source of bringing visitors to our blogs is through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. after that Social media is also a good way of driving traffic to our blogs. if you got some money then you can also do marketing of your blog.

Guy: How i can make money with my blog?

Me: Once again a important and much asked question. there are different ways of making money through your blog. most popular way is using Advertising programs like Adsense. When you will display Advertisements on your blog then you will get paid for every click that visitors of your blog will do on those advertisements. another way if affiliate marketing. Promoting products of others. you will earn commission whenever a sale will be done through your blog. you can also launch your own product on your blog for sale. in short there are plenty of options that you can try. but remember you will not make much money unless lots of people starts to visit your blog and for that requirements are same that i told above. good content, good design and better user experience.

Guy: tell be few things that i should avoid in blogging which can fail me?

Answer: there are several things that can be dangerous for your blogging. first of all having copied content. never copy content of other blogs. many newbies makes this mistake. always write your own content. stealing others content is not only illegal but also harmful. some other mistakes are keyword stuffing, hidden text, expecting results too early, not posting enough content, having a poor site design. all these things can lead you to failure. also remember that patience is the key in blogging. you will not get success quickly. it can take up to a year for getting good results or even more than that so keep working hard with patience.

Guy: Thank you very much for your answer.

Me: you are most welcome. feel free to ask more in future as well.
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