Earning Options For Bloggers Other Than Adsense

Google's advertising program Adsense is the most popular way of making money Online with blogs. There are around 2 million Adsense Publishers monetizing their websites and blogs for Income. But do you know Adsense is not the only way of Earning Money? If your Adsense account is not getting approved or you are banned from Adsense then don't think that are doors are closed for you.

There are many other options available as well with help of which you can make handsome Income by blogging. however to make money with other methods you will need traffic on your blog just like you need traffic to make money with adsense on a site.

Here are some good earning options for bloggers other than Adsense:

Advertising Programs: 

Just like Adsense there are several other Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impressions advertising programs available that you can use on your website to make money. however its a fact that these advertising programs pays less as compared to Adsense. some most popular advertising programs are:

Buy Sell Ads
Tribal Fusion

Affiliate Programs: 

there are plenty of famous affiliates programs which pays huge commissions for promoting their products on your site. mostly you get a specific percentage of profit when a affiliate sale is made through your blog. some most popular affiliate programs are:

Commission Junction
Google Affiliate Network

Own Product:

If you don't want to show ads or affiliates on your blog then there is another solution. you can also launch your own product on your blog and sell it. famous blogger Darren Rowse became a millionaire by selling his own ebook on his blog. Launch a interesting product that is related to niche of your blog and you will get sales for sure. you can sale physical as well as digital products on your blog.

Direct Ads:

You can also get direct ads from other websites and companies on your  website. Offer people to advertise on your site. If you are having huge traffic then big companies can also advertise on your site.


You can ask for donations on your blog. Loyal reads of your blog who visits it regularly will give you donations for sure. on many sites we find buttons and links of donations. they are for the same purpose.

Organize Surveys:

You can also get paid for organizing surveys and polls on your blog. there are several websites which are offering money for doing Surveys for them.

Paid Posts:

You can also make money by offering Paid posts on your blog. by doing so you will not only make money but also get content for your blog for free. but make sure the posts are of good quality and not duplicate otherwise they can harm your blog.


You can do paid reviews of products on your blog and get paid for it. there are many companies who will pay you for doing review of their products.


You can provide facilities of teaching or coaching on your blog and get paid for it. for example there are many bloggers who teaches people about online earning and receives fee for it. similarly you can also do online coaching. Some blogs even offers Online courses and gets paid for it.

So you can try any of these options for Making money through your blog. But remember all these methods will only work if you have a good blog which is receiving handsome traffic. If you have lost your adsense account then don't think that all doors are closed for you. when one door closes 10 doors opens up.
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