Internet Usage Around The World

Internet Usage has seen some really serious growth in recent years and currently there are more than 2.8 Billion Internet users In the world while total world population is approx 7.1 billion which means 39% population is using the Internet.

In 2005 only 16% population of the world was using Internet which went up to 30% in 2010 and now in 2013 its 39%. It means Internet users are almost doubled in just 5 years. 1.4 Billion Internet users only belongs to Asia. Europe has almost 501 million Internet users. North America has 273 million users. currently 55% of the Internet websites are in English. 6% are in Russian and 5% are in Germany.

Internet is a really big industry today which is getting used for almost everything like Business, Communication, Fun, Jobs etc. It will grow more and more in coming years.

Here are Internet Users by different Continents:

Asia - 1.4 Billion Users
Europe - 501 Million Internet Users
North America - 273 Million Users
Africa - 140 Million Users
Middle East - 77 Million Users
Latin America- 236 Million Users

Countries With Most Internet Users:

China - 568,192,066 Users
USA - 254,295,536 Users
India - 151,598,994 Users
Japan - 100,684,474 Users
Brazil - 99,357,737 Users
Russia - 75,926,004 Users
Germany - 68,296,919 Users
Nigeria- 55,930,391 Users
UK - 54,861,245 Users
France - 54,473,474 Users

If we talk about Pakistan there are 30 Million Internet users and half of them access Internet through Mobile. 16% population has access to the Internet. More than 70% users are aging less than 30.
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