Main Sources Of Traffic For a Website

The only reason we do such much hard work on our websites is to get traffic. If your website is having a great design and content but no traffic then its a useless site with no value. Without traffic you can't make money on your website. Affiliates, Sales, Ads all requires traffic if you really want to make income from your website.

So what are the main sources that brings traffic to our website and how to use these sources to get lots of traffic?

1 Search Engines: Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo are the main source of traffic for any website. More than 70% traffic comes from Search engine to websites for various keywords. When we create new pages on our websites they gets indexed in Search engines. when a user searches for a keyword relevant sites having information about that keywords appears in search results and users visits those sites. those websites which ranks higher in Search engines gets more traffic naturally.

Big Question: How To Rank Higher in Search Engines?

To Rank higher in Google you will have to optimize your website for Search Engines. Search Engines Ranks those sites higher which are having Unique and quality content, Quality relevant backlinks, good user experience. you also need to regularly update your website to Rank higher and to get more traffic. never try to use Black Hat SEO methods. Also never copy content from other websites. doing these acts will have negative impact on Search engine Ranking of your website.

2 Social Media: We all know Social media has emerged as a big power on Internet. Social Media sites specially Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are used by billions everyday. If you will use Social media properly then you can drive massive traffic to your website through it. On Facebook setup a page related to niche of your website. Whenever you post something on your blog also post it on Facebook page. Similarly also make Page on Google Plus for your site. there are also many other social sites like Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious which can not only bring traffic but can also give you high quality backlinks.

3 Offline Sources: offline promotion if done properly can also bring huge traffic to your website. If you got good budget you can do promotion on TVand Radio. Launching Stickers and posters having your site name can also be a good idea. Similarly your site name on Bill Boards, T-Shirts, Rickshaws can also be useful.

4 Online Marketing: There are many ways you can use to do marketing of your site online to get traffic. for example Video marketing. Make videos related to your niche and upload on different video sharing websites like Youtube and Dailymotion. You can write a PDF ebook and spread it online. forums, chat rooms, blogs can also help you in Online Marketing.

5 Advertising Online: Advertising Your website online can also become a good source to get Traffic but you will have to pay for it. If you want to advertise your site on Google Ads then you will have to use Google Adwords. To advertise your site on Facebook you can use Facebook ads. You can also do contracts with big sites for direct advertising.

6 Giveaway, Contests: Keep Giveaways and Contests on your blogs and give interesting products as prize. you will generate good traffic by doing so. I recently kept a giveaway for a Camera and it brought lot of traffic to my site.

So these were the main sources that will bring traffic to your website if you used them properly.
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