Opening Your Own Online Store

Online Shopping Means buying a product through Internet without going to a market. People Spends Billions of dollars every year on Online Shopping On Internet. Specially In America and Europe Online Shopping has become very common while its still growing in Asia and other parts of the World. In December Holiday Season alone Americans spent 42 billion Dollars on buying products online.

With every passing day as Internet users are increasing the Online shopping is also growing. we can surely say that future belongs to It and whoever will do Investment In it will make profit. There are many many Online stores selling almost everything online like Cars, Toys, Computers, Mobiles, Books etc. Some of the most popular Online Stores are Alibaba, and eBay. these sites are making huge profits on daily basis.

If you are looking to start a business then also consider the option of starting a Online business instead of offline business because it has many benefits like:

You don't need a Office
You can do it from home
You need less Investment

So What Are the Steps You Need to take to start a Online shopping store:

Product: First and very Important step is choosing a right product that you are looking to sell. Online you can not only sell Physical products but also digital products like Ebooks, Softwares, Pics. do a proper research about the product. if you will yourself make it or will get it from somewhere? Its better if you launch a unique product which no one is already selling. Product should be good because its quality that will make your customer satisfy and he will continue to shop from you in future.

Market: Also make a plan about targeting a market. you want to target a specific city a country or International Market? some stores offers foods targeting a specific city. some delivers On country level while others even sends products to other countries.

Profit: Do a proper research about the profit because after all its profit for which we do a business. properly analyze that in how much you will get a product and in how many you will sell it? also keep other charges in mind like shipping charges, taxes, salaries.

Website: Next Important step is getting a website for your business where your online store will be located.

Keep these points in mind while setting up a website:

1 choose a good domain name for your website. its better if you choose a name that is related to your site.

2 get hosting from a good hosting company. poor hosting companies or local hosting will create trouble for you in future. hostgator is a good option according to me.

3 the design of your website should be very good which should look attractive and easy to your customers. they should be able to easily navigate through your products.

4  next step is choosing a right platform for online store. there are plenty of options like Magneto,  OpenCart, Shopify and Bigcommerce. i will recommend Magneto.

5 Your Store must not look complicated to customers. Make online shopping easy for your customers.

6 Provide all the details about your products. upload good quality photos of the products from different sides.

Payment: Make Payment process easy for your customers. get a merchant account in your Bank. provide following options for payment to your customers at least:

1 Cash on delivery
2 Credit Card
3  Wire transfer like Western Union
4 PayPal
5 Cheque

Some Online store don't provide option of Cash on delivery which is not a good decision. Option of Cash on delivery will increase your Sales specially in countries like India and Pakistan.

Product delivery: next Important step is delivery of product to your customers on the address they provided. for this purposes you can do agreement with companies like TCS who will deliver your products. If the product is digital like a Ebook then provide proper method of downloading it. customers wants their products to be delivered soon so do agreement with a company which delivers products quickly.

Marketing: You need to do proper marketing of your Online store to attract customers. If you have a beautiful Online store with great products but nobody knows about it then you will not get any sales. Get proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services for your websites. Also start a blog related to your products niche. Make presence on all Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Setup a Facebook page where you should provide details of your products. You can also run a Online ad campaign to promote your products on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.

Customer Support: Provide good customer support on your website. You can do that by providing a Live chat option on your Online store website.

By following all these steps you can setup your own Online store and make huge profits. If you need more information then feel free to comment and i will respond to you.
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