Pakistani Blogging Talent

In recent years blogging has taken shape of a complete profession. lot of people are coming towards blogging and making huge income with it. Gone are the days when blogging was done in a unprofessional way just for fun. Blogging is no more just for hobby. Our Country Pakistan that is full of talent in almost every field of life has also produced some great bloggers who with their talent and hard work are running some really awesome blogs.

Here is a list of some great bloggers from Pakistan:

Syed Faizan Ali: 

Syed Faizan Ali is just 18 years old but he has got some serious blogging talent. He started up with and later on started developing Free blogger templates which can be downloaded from He belongs to Karachi, Pakistan and is a student of Pre-engineering but he sees blogging as his future. However, he desires to be an software engineer one day.

Ammar Ali: 

This 18 years old guy belongs to Jhelum Punjab. He is running a very successful blog about Blogging tips named allbloggingtips. surprisingly he is running only affiliates on his blog not adsense.

Saad Hamid: 

Saad was the most successful Pakistani blogger in the pre panda time and was making around $5000 monthly with his blog Later on his blog was badly hit with Google Panda. Now he is not regularly updating his blog. He is inspiration for many young bloggers of Pakistan under 20. I also started blogging after reading his success story.

Aamir Atta: 

Aamir is a senior Pakistani blogger and owner of His blog is related to Telecom and IT news from Pakistan. He is making a really handsome income with his blog.

Taimur Asad: 

Taimur Asad is owner of one of the most popular tech blog on the Internet Taiumar studied Software Engineering. His blogging earning is more than $20K per month. i don't think any other Pakistani blogger is making that much money by blogging.

Haris Nadeem: 

Haris is a cool guy who loves eating. His first blog was with which he used to make huge income till October 2011 when his Adsense account got banned. currently he is working on He is studying software engineering at University of Central Punjab.

Syed Balkhi: 

Syed Balkhi is just 23 years old but even at this small age he is considered among top bloggers of world not just Pakistan. He became successful with his that is a wordpress tips blog. He is currently located in Florida USA.

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is also a very successful and popular blogger of Pakistan who founded a great blog about blogging tips. He started blogging 5 years ago in 2008 and started to get good results in a short time. He graduated from NED University of Karachi.

Raheem Ullah Khan

Raheemullah is  Youngest blogger of Pakistan as he is just 16 years old. Raheem Ullah is a very cute and friendly fellow who got lot of blogging talent. He is owner of Currently he is studying in Matric. He belongs to Quetta.

There is a huge list of talented bloggers from Pakistan and above mentioned are only few of them.
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